The Inspiring Adventures of Your Taste Buds

Here at Con Amore we do not only make cakes and cupcakes. 

Our world is not limited to things covered in buttercream or fondant. 

Nay! We do not confine ourselves to the world of baked sweets! 

There is a whole world out there, full of yummyful salty and savory snacks! 

There are fruit baskets to be created! 

So, I stand here today, to say to you, my brethren, my countrymen, explore the world! 

Show your taste buds all the flavors there are to offer. 

Do not fear the cakeless things, for they are scrumptious too.


  1. Indeed.
    Do you cover dental costs of my tooth chipping from nom-nomming into my monitor?

  2. Next time we'll put up a disclaimer. LOL!