The One with the fresh flowers

What better way to celebrate your child's christening than with a large Bible shaped cake and a batch of white-chocolate Cross adorned sugar cookies?

 Nothing is better than seeing people enjoy our cake :)

This Vanilla French Buttercream covered cake was Vanilla with Passion Fruit filling. This filling was aptly chosen for the Passion Fruit's cultural representation and connection to Jesus Christ. Passion of the Christ, super cool, no? Here's a little more about Passion Fruit and Christ's connection:

"The Passion fruit is so called because it is one of the many species of Passion Flower. ("Passion Flower" is the English version of the Latin genus name, Passi-Flora). The name was given by missionaries because the parts of the flower seemed reminiscent of the torture (the Passion) of Christ prior to his crucifixion:

  • The three stigmas reflect the three nails in Jesus’ hands and feet.
  • The threads of the passion flower resemble the Crown of Thorns.
  • The vine's tendrils are likened to the whips.
  • The five anthers represented the five wounds.
  • The ten petals and sepals regarded to resemble the Apostles (excluding Judas and Peter).
  • The purple petals representing the purple robe used to mock Jesus' claim to kingship (Mt. 27:28)"

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Passiflora_edulis

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