the one with the sleeping baby

Adorable! Would you believe that sleeping baby is made out of chocolate and fondant? I know! It's crazy, right?!?

Want to see the rest of the cake?

Here's a close up of the little details on the cake.

as delicate and precious as a baby's tiny toes.

but wait there's more . . .

For this baby shower we made cake and cupcakes and cookies. Oh baby!

still more. . .

atop the tower was another cake fashioned to look like a fashionable diaper bag.

Cupcake flavors: lime, passion fruit, mango and strawberry

Cake flavors:

Diaper Bag: vanilla cake w/ strawberry filling
Top Tier: Chocolate with Caramel
Middle Tier: Vanilla with Passion Fruit
Bottom Tier: Vanilla with Vanilla Buttercream

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