The One with the Spikes

So, we had the pleasure of making a wedding cake with spikes

Nifty, right? It was all sorts of fun to make and the bride was super chill, 

she had even requested two separate cheesecakes for two of the groomsmen whose birthdays were the same day of her wedding. The overall experience was quite peachy. The reception took place at a club on Atlantic Ave called “Deity”.  

There was a tree in the middle of the room!   

There were these flowers hanging out of it and it was all lit up, it was definitely a sight to see and nothing short of jaw dropping. The space was beautifully decorated.  

The cake’s five tiers, from top to bottom, consisted of Carrot Cake, Red Velvet, Guinness, Hennessy, and Guava. We were positively pleased with how the cake came out and one of the guests said to us that it “embodied the couple perfectly”. 

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